5 Medical Marijuana Products for Sleep

One of the most important qualities often attributed to cannabis is its ability to promote deep rest. Individuals who suffer with insomnia often turn to cannabis when typical night-time aids no longer work or possess negative side effects, as cannabis offers a natural solution to the problem of getting to sleep and staying asleep. These Maryland medical marijuana dispensary products have been proven effective in creating the conditions for patients to achieve a heavy slumber.

The Feel Tinctures

Tinctures stand out as an exceedingly simple means of dosing that leaves behind the hassle of typical cannabis consumption methods, like smoking, in favor of an easy-to-use dropper that comes attached to every bottle. In particular, tincture manufacturer The Feel has a wide-ranging line of products that includes potent concoctions that virtually guarantee a good night’s sleep. Their “Relaxed” and “Comfort” tinctures aim to bring the body into a state of tranquility, and may also want to be considered by patients that suffer from chronic aches or pains.

Curio Chews

For new patients getting acquainted with the world of edible cannabis, it is important to start slowly with less potent products. Curio Chews provide an ideal starting point for inexperienced edible consumers, with bite-sized candies that possess 10mg THC each. Also available are 25mg THC chews for those seeking extra strength in their edible endeavors, though caution should be employed when dosing with these to avoid potential overbearing cannabis effects. 

Golden Dream CBD Tea

Edible products come in an expansive variety of forms and flavors, and The Brothers Apothecary Golden Dream Tea is a testament to this fact. Infused with potent CBD, a compound within cannabis that is known for its healing and anxiety-reducing properties, the tea offers a unique experience for patients looking to relieve insomnia without taking on the psychoactive effects that other cannabis products are known for. Golden Dream Tea is made with chamomile and a blend of other herbs that assist in masking the subtle hemp aftertaste.

Rythm Blue Coral Relax Cartridge 


When getting ready for bed, vaping can be an easy way to relax. Cannabis vape cartridge manufacturer Rythm understands this well, with specialized Blue Coral “Relax” cartridges that will likely be found at the average medical marijuana dispensary. Maryland patients will notice that long after first inhaling from their Blue Coral cartridge, a sense of calm and light drowsiness will begin to wash across the body, allowing for hours of rest. 

Grassroots Cannabis-Infused Honey Sticks

Those in search of potency in their edibles will be more than satisfied by Grassroots cannabis-infused honey sticks, which pack 50mg THC into every cylinder. The intensity of the product is achieved through the use of special “Rick Simpson Oil”, a powerful cannabis oil that is known for the purity achieved through its extraction process. Even for patients with high tolerance, just one stick should be more than enough to result in full-bodied relaxation that is capable of lasting throughout an entire night.