When talking about the planned marijuana industry growth in years to come, there are many factors that elicit consideration: The recent trends that are taking place, stringency of laws and the probable results of such laws on the industry. Although, the picture has, over the years, turned more and rosier for the industry. Let’s impinge upon some of these facets today.

1. The two most important factors have to be the recent developments in the state of California and the appointment of Jeff Sessions as the US Attorney General.

While California has seen increasingly robust sales of recreational marijuana – to the tune of over a billion dollars – Jeff Sessions views on the subject may hinder or propel this growth going forward.

Though, it’s safe to assume that California would be the state with the highest usage of marijuana for years to come!

2. Los Angeles becoming the Marijuana capital of the US

If Industry insiders are to believed: we wouldn’t be wrong in assuming that the city of LA is bound to make a mark on the world stage, with it’s ever increasing use of the “Wondrous plant.” With the city having registered unprecedented sales worth over a billion dollars in the field of medical marijuana and planning an ordinance that will clear out the path for recreational marijuana licensing – it’s well on its way to being the “next big thing”; so long Denver! Soon anyone will be able to visit their local cannabis store to purchase marijuana.

3. Use of Medical Marijuana in Sports

We have strong reasons to believe that a major sports league would legitimize the use of medical marijuana to its athletes. Athletes have, over the years, shunned taking opiates as a means to alleviating pain; with many experts concurring on the side effects of the mind-altering stimulant. This has resulted in the athletes pushing vociferously for prescription of medical marijuana to treat head and other sports related injuries.

4. Wider acceptance of Marijuana amidst American Demographic

Let’s be frank, this is not the 1950’s anymore, wherein proper research on marijuana and its effects on the human body hadn’t been studied well enough. Today, there have been many scientific studies carried out on the advantages of consuming marijuana, and what it may mean to help counteract the effect of seemingly unfixable illnesses like depression.

With that being said, many scientists are now pushing hard for incorporation of marijuana into the life of their patients. Amidst such vocal support for it, it’s hard to deny the American people what they want, isn’t it right?

The marijuana industry is projected to grow by leaps and bounds as more and more states embrace it for the wonder plant that it is. With projected sales of 6.5bn$ in the preceding year – Marijuana industry is well on it’s way to being the next rockstar of our generation!

How to Use T-Shirts to Market Your Marijuana Business

Can you believe that two American teens from Wisconsin made a total of $150, 000 in a few months through a marijuana business? Well, as unbelievable as it sounds, it is actually possible to become even a millionaire through running a marijuana business if you take the right steps. In this article, we will be exploring how to use t-shirts to market such a business. However, before we dig deep into the details, you need to take into account the fact that marijuana is a product that has been surrounded by varying government regulations from one state to the other. This factor has led to varying laws regarding the types of logos you can use to advertise your marijuana as well as the people you can advertise it to. With this information in mind, let us now explore the various ways that you can rely on to advertise your marijuana business using t-shirts.

1. Printing Marijuana-Branded T-shirts

According to the Leafy Marketing Services, merchandise can help you to integrate your brand into the everyday lifestyle of your customers. Therefore, you can come up with marijuana-branded t-shirts to advertise your business as long as it is not against the State laws governing your target market.

2. Using the Online Platform to Market Your Branded T-shirts

It is not enough to just print marijuana-branded t-shirts and hope that customers will come looking for them in your store. You need to take advantage of the online community which is technologically savvy and oriented towards adopting new fashion trends. You should display your branded t-shirts on your business website as well as on other affiliate sites in order to attract more customers to your business.  Here is how to sell t-shirts on Facebook.

3. Sourcing for Celebrity Endorsements

It is funny how potential customers will easily perceive an infamous guy wearing a marijuana-branded t-shirt as a “looser” and yet they would perceive a celebrity wearing the same t-shirt as being “cool”. For this reason, you need to look for celebrity endorsements in order to succeed in marketing your business effectively using the t-shirts.

4. Build Partnerships with Well-Known Brands

The success of your endeavor in using t-shirts to market your business will be determined by the percentage of customers willing to purchase them. Therefore, you need to make partnerships with well-known t-shirt brands in your area in order to advertise your merchandise through them hence tapping into their established clientele base.

I hope this information was useful to you. I wish your good luck in advertising your business.

4 Tips for a Branded Merchandise Strategy for the Cannabis Industry

November of 2016 brought huge changes to a few states across America, making the cannabis industry legal in what is now 28 states. While many people are beginning to understand the positive effects of cannabis on many chronic medical conditions, the stigma still remains on marijuana, making it hard to market. Here a few methods for making your brand stand out in the growing cannabis industry so you can be a pioneer.

1. Pick An Audience

While cannabis products aren’t just for medicinal purposes in some states, it is important to choose who you will be marketing to. Recreational users and medical users have a completely different profile when it comes to what they want and why they want it. For example, a recreational user will be more in tune with price changes and more likely to experiment with new strains while a cannabis patient is more reliant on the dispensary personnel and tends to value consistency. Trying to market to both groups successfully would be nearly impossible without developing multiple products.

2. Learn the Law

While social media seems like a key platform for gathering new customers of any type, cannabis marketers are plagued by laws that prevent them from advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms. Even geofenced advertisements can be taken down for violating federal laws, so media platforms specifically for the cannabis industry such as MassRoots are the safer route. Complications such as these are everywhere, so it’s important to research the law before conducting any ad campaigns in any medium.

3. Make It Classy

A stigma brought on by years of the war on drugs, concerned suburban parents, and growing stereotypes has made cannabis synonymous with “stoner”. Avoiding this branding is in your favor, and you should focus on a sophisticated and clean branding that will help alleviate some of the negative reputation. If your product appears more at home on display at a liquor store than at the local organic produce chain, you’re missing a key ingredient to getting it off the shelves.

4. Differentiate Your Product

Breaking into the cannabis industry is about making a name well known, which won’t happen if it’s identical to another brand. Consider alternative marketing techniques and unique merchandise that will create a brand name that stands for something higher quality than the competitors. For example, become part of the community with a cannabis related blog, or offer accessories that obviously have more class than a competing brand’s.

How you portray your brand is what will make or break you at the end of the day. Regardless of what path you choose, make sure to remember that you’re a pioneer on the edge of an industry that’s barely put down roots. Experiment, and create your name.