Projected Marijuana Industry Growth


When talking about the planned marijuana industry growth in years to come, there are many factors that elicit consideration: The recent trends that are taking place, stringency of laws and the probable results of such laws on the industry. Although, the picture has, over the years, turned more and rosier for the industry. Let’s impinge upon some of these facets today.

1. The two most important factors have to be the recent developments in the state of California and the appointment of Jeff Sessions as the US Attorney General.

While California has seen increasingly robust sales of recreational marijuana – to the tune of over a billion dollars – Jeff Sessions views on the subject may hinder or propel this growth going forward.

Though, it’s safe to assume that California would be the state with the highest usage of marijuana for years to come!

2. Los Angeles becoming the Marijuana capital of the US

If Industry insiders are to believed: we wouldn’t be wrong in assuming that the city of LA is bound to make a mark on the world stage, with it’s ever increasing use of the “Wondrous plant.” With the city having registered unprecedented sales worth over a billion dollars in the field of medical marijuana and planning an ordinance that will clear out the path for recreational marijuana licensing – it’s well on its way to being the “next big thing”; so long Denver! Soon anyone will be able to visit their local cannabis store to purchase marijuana.

3. Use of Medical Marijuana in Sports

We have strong reasons to believe that a major sports league would legitimize the use of medical marijuana to its athletes. Athletes have, over the years, shunned taking opiates as a means to alleviating pain; with many experts concurring on the side effects of the mind-altering stimulant. This has resulted in the athletes pushing vociferously for prescription of medical marijuana to treat head and other sports related injuries.

4. Wider acceptance of Marijuana amidst American Demographic

Let’s be frank, this is not the 1950’s anymore, wherein proper research on marijuana and its effects on the human body hadn’t been studied well enough. Today, there have been many scientific studies carried out on the advantages of consuming marijuana, and what it may mean to help counteract the effect of seemingly unfixable illnesses like depression.

With that being said, many scientists are now pushing hard for incorporation of marijuana into the life of their patients. Amidst such vocal support for it, it’s hard to deny the American people what they want, isn’t it right?

The marijuana industry is projected to grow by leaps and bounds as more and more states embrace it for the wonder plant that it is. With projected sales of 6.5bn$ in the preceding year – Marijuana industry is well on it’s way to being the next rockstar of our generation!